About Rokyøøt

Rokyøøt is a London based Urban-alt band. Their music i a music crossover... they work on genres like Rap, alternative, punk, electronic and rock.

They created the project after years of boredom and frustration on “easy listening and manufactured productions” which dominates all radio airwaves nowadays.They look for an energetic/Rock/Groovy feel which shares similarities with the rawness productions of bands such as White stripes or Nirvana or the Lo-Fi spontaneity and hardcore sounds of albums like 'Blur' (1997's album) ..all mixed with real and honest hip-hop messages. They're actually finishing their debut album "Twisted Kingdom"

The band consist of:
Rocky: Vocals
Yøøt: Guitars, Vocals, Production
Monk: Bass/Vocals



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13 April:

Moritz Club (Soho, London)

9 May:

Hope and Anchor (Islington, London)

12 June:

Balabam (Tottenham, London)

28 June:

The Moustache Bar (Stoke Newington, London)

5 July:

Fiddler's Elbow (Camden, London)

10 August:

The White Hart (Bristol)

17 September:

The Unicorn (London Camden)

25 September:

The Camden Assembly (London Camden)

18 October:

Moustache Bar (London Dalston)

24 October:

The Green Door (Brighton)

29 November:

West street (Sheffield)


25 January:

The Louisiana (Bristol)

22 February:

Rifle Club (Portsmouth)

3 March:

The Windmill (Brixton)

8 March:

The Fiddlers Elbow (London)

11 March:

24 Kitchen Street (Liverpool)

12 April:

Hope and Anchor (London)

6 May:

Sneaky Pete's (Edinburgh)

18 May:

Gwdihw bar (Cardiff)

Contact Us

Email: theyouth@live.com

Phone: 07984547063